Facial Care, Moisturizers, Weleda Deep Moisture Facial Balm 1oz

Weleda Deep Moisture Facial Balm 1oz. An intensive cream for protection in extreme conditions Ultimate support for the driest facial skin and in the harshest situations, with immediate effectiveness and lasting care.Weleda Cold Cream is a profoundly-hydrating blend especially formulated for extremes, whether that’s skin with intensive needs, or conditions that give your skin a battering, or both! Valuable plant oils and beeswax are combined to form a rich, defensive mantle against cold, dry air, wind or central heating. Dry skin is nourished and moisturized. Your skin feels soft and smooth again, and stays that way.Protects from elements, nourishes and occludes drying. Dermatogically tested.

Weleda Deep Moisture Facial Balm 1oz