Facial Care, Mad Hippie 2-Minute Polishing Mask 1.2oz

Mad Hippie 2-Minute Polishing Mask 1.2oz. Gently scrub away dull, dead skin while extracting impurities. Physical exfoliants adzuki bean & rice bran join forces with organic matcha green tea & clay, leaving skin soft, supple & radiant.Adzuki Bean: Touted as a Japanese beauty secret, ground adzuki beans gently buff away dull, rough skin.Green & White Clay: Natural detoxing agents, green & white clay work to extract impurities and leave the skin feeling soft & supple.Organic Rice Bran: Gentle natural physical exfoliant.Organic Oat Flower: Soothing oat flower provides the skin with natural antioxidants and helps aid in hydration.Organic Matcha Green Tea: Powerful natural antioxidant.

Mad Hippie 2 Minute Polishing Mask 1 2oz