Facial Care, Lavido Replenishing Facial Serum 1.01oz

Lavido Replenishing Facial Serum 1.01oz. Formulated with organic pomegranate seed oil, distilled lemon myrtle and cold-pressed mandarin oil, Lavido’s Replenishing Facial Serum plumps skin, while aiding moisture restoration and retention. This highly concentrated serum is clinically proven to show significant improvement in skin hydration, firmness and elasticity. Made in Israel. Pomegranate Seed, Lemon Myrtle & Mandarin Replenishing Facial Serum. Dermatologically tested.Clinical trials showed that 97% of subjects experienced a significant increase in skin firmness, smoothness and decreased wrinkle depth.

Lavido Replenishing Facial Serum 1 01oz