Facial Care, Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-Up Remover 2.5oz

Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-Up Remover 2.5oz. The Eye Make-up Remover gently and reliably cleanses the sensitive skin in the eye area, removing even waterproof eye make-up. In the same step, it cares for the skin with light, fast-absorbing oils , leaving the skin feeling pleasantly cleansed and silky smooth.Formulation: The dual-phase composition features precious rose water and Nourishing plant extracts of eyebright and fennel which harmonize and soothe the particularly delicate and sensitive skin in the eye area. Premium-quality sesame and sunflower oils nourish the eyelashes and eyebrows as they preserve the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer. Ophthalmological and dermatological tested. Protect against light and heat.For all skin conditions.

Dr Hauschka Eye Make Up Remover 2 5oz