Facial Cleansers, Sonage Hydrating Cleanser 6.7oz

Facial Cleanser Sonage Hydrating Cleanser 6.7oz. Luxurious daily cleanser keeps skin soft and dewyNormal/Dry/Dehydrated/Mature Skin TypesLuxurious daily cleanser with a wealth of essential oils and botanical extracts for dehydrated skins. Jojoba oil reduces water loss, skin stays hydrated with hazelnut oil and high levels of Vitamin E.Extremely softening for dry and mature skinRemoves makeup and mascaraSkin feels clean and suppleBotanical Ingredients, Sulphate FreeKey Ingredients:Jojoba Seed Oil: Natural protein, softening, moisturizing, reserves and retains moisture, improves flexibility and elasticity, relieves eczemaSesame Seed Oil: Nourishing, rejuvenating, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinklesHazel Seed Oil: Astringent, tones and tightens skin, high in Vitamin E and oleic aciā€¦

Sonage Hydrating Cleanser 6 7oz